The Convaid Rodeo Wheelchair leads the world in compact-folding positioning systems. Its lightweight portability and solid durability make it the most convenient compact wheelchair for busy parents and children. All Convaid Rodeos are Tilt-In-Space – perfect for someone who needs more involved positioning and support. Complete with loads of comprehensive positioning options to help you achieve the ideal support for your child, and the patented design provides maximum comfort and durability.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


  • 5-45 degrees of adjustable tilt – provides pressure relief and upper body support for individuals with insufficient trunk stability
  • 90-110 degrees recline adjustment –  opens the seat-to-back angle for better digestion, improved respiration, and pressure relief
  • Firm lateral thoracic supports (options) – maintain midline positioning of the trunk for increased postural support
  • Solid seat cushion – provides pressure relief, stability, and posture control
  • Stylish padded upholstery – offers extra comfort, and looks great!
  • Available with a 10″ seat width – ensures custom positioning for even your smallest clients
  • Lightweight frame – is easy to lift and carry, one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available
  • Tilt-in-Space chair with unique compact fold – for easy transport and storage, fold and go!
  • Size adjustable frame – extends the life of the chair for a growing child
  • Crash tested transit models – adhere to national safety standards, and allow safe transport in bus or van