EasyStand Evolv

The EasyStand Evolv an extremely versatile sit-to-stand standing frame. The base unit is functional for many users, however when more support is needed, a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accommodate the most involved users.

The EasyStand Evolv is available in three sizes and options for both active and involved individuals. See features below.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Evolv Medium Stander:
(formerly Youth)

Fits individuals from 4’0″-5’6″ and up to 200 lbs.

Evolv Large Stander: (formerly Adult)

Fits individuals from 5’0-6’2” and up to 280 lbs.

Evolv XT Stander:

Fits individuals from 6’0″-6’10” and up to 350 lbs.


A Stander Designed for: Precise Positioning

The optimal standing position has been perfected in the EasyStand Evolv standing frame.By strategically placing the pivot points of the stander to mimic the body’s natural pivot points, options like the hip supports, lateral supports, and head support remain in place from sitting to standing, minimizing shear. Whenpositioned correctly, the contoured seat provides a maximum over-center stretch for various body types.The Evolv also accommodates for hip and knee contractures through proper positioning of the footplates and independent kneepad option.


A Stander Designed for: Modularity & Growth

The EasyStand Evolv is the most modular stander to date; allowing over 50 options and configurations such as the Mobile or the Shadow Tray to be added at any time.  The Evolv standing frame is highly adjustable for multi-user settings or to accommodate growing teens.  When a child grows out of the Evolv Medium Stander, a Growth Kit can be purchased to convert it into an Evolv Large Stander.


A Stander Designed for: Accessibility & Independence

The Evolv has an open base that allows for easier independent transfers.  A larger Transfer Seat or Rotating Seat can also be added.  To make standing pivot or lift assist transfers easier an optional Swing Away Front or Removable Back can be added to gain more access to the seat.  The user can independently achieve the standing position with the manual hydraulic actuator or optional push-button Pow’r Up Lift.


A Stander Designed for: Safety & Convenience

The Evolv standing frame provides a safe and supportive transition to standing.  It allows the user to stand in three easy steps – adjust, transfer, and pump up.  Both caregivers and users are more comfortable with the Evolv because of the safe and easy lateral transfer and supportive transition to standing.  Don’t just take our word for it –  see what others have to say about the versatility and convenience of the Evolv.


A Stander Designed for: Increasing Standing Compliance

There are a number of excellent research studies documenting the benefits of passive standing programs for an individual’s long-term health.  The EasyStand Evolv stander allows the user to move in and out of standing without having to be lifted or transferred.  This makes it easier to be compliant with a standing program by standing in small bursts and yet still stand for the 120 minutes needed to affect bone density and maximize other health benefits.

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