Etac Swift Mobile Tilt

Swift Mobile Tilt is available in three models. The basic model has a manual operate tilt function. It is also available with increased weight capacity, Swift Mobile Tilt 160. The third model has a power unit for the tilt function.   Swift Mobile Tilt has the unique function which enables tilt manoeuvring from the side. This gives the best conditions for an ergonomically correct work position. It also enables eye contact and communication with the care recipient during the tilting process.  The gas pistons have an especial placement which facilitate bringing the seat into an upright position. This reduces the risk for the carers to suffer from work related injuries. The seat height can be set in various fixed positions and it’s done without using tools.

Swift Mobile Tilt 160 has all the benefits of Swift Mobile Tilt and is in addition sturdy enough to handle a weight of 160kg (353 lbs).  To provide sufficient space, the width between the arm support is increased with 6 cm (2.5″).

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications