Glove Airflow Sling

Designed to be left under user in a chair

The latest sling designed to be left underneath a person in their seating provides another unique solution from Glove Slings.

Sometimes people get too warm whilst sitting on a sling in their chair.  This can cause discomfort but much worse, it could increase the risk of tissue problems in the longer term.  The problem is getting air to the skin.  Whilst most slings are made with breathable fabrics, some seating systems and cushions in wheelchairs are not breathable.  In a warm environment this may cause a person to overheat and sweat.  The Glove Airflow Sling has been uniquely designed to help with this.

Even more supportive than the revolutionary and hugely popular Glove InChair Sling, the Glove Glove Airflow Sling adds a new dimension for comfort, literally!  The innovative knitted fabric construction provides an open labyrinth for air to flow all around the person sat on the sling.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


  • The latest in textile technology, 3D knitted polyester fabric
  • Grooves on the outside to allow air to flow around the user
  • Unique “pocket straps” for maximum discretion and safety
  • Extensor straps giving a unique “suspension” facility
  • Unique split leg design without aperture for maximum comfort