Glove Convenience Plus Sling

A prototype of the Convenience Plus Glove Sling was reviewed by delegates at the DLF Moving and Handling Conference and was lauded as the most secure and supportive toileting sling they had ever seen.  The Convenience Plus gives the superb access of the popular Convenience Sing with the added benefit of a high back rest, a neck support and a hug action to minimises the tendency for people to slide down into the aperture.

Keeping the arms inside the sling gives greater comfort and the hug action facilitates it without the loss of safety usually associated with the way of using a toileting sling.

The high backrest not only makes the Convenience Plus far more comfortable, it also means that you can safely lift from a supine position.  you can not do that with normal toileting slings!

The padded leg supports in the deluxe style provide improved comfort and their slippery lining makes fitting easier.

The unique lumbar support from the Convenience Sling has also been incorporated in the Convenience Plus, this improved posture management in the sling and also makes the sling even more comfortable.

The neck rest is useful when someone needs head support, you can slip in a bolster roll to increase support even more if desired.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications