Glove Extensor Sling

For people who suffer extensor spasm using a sling is usually a nightmare! (and for their carers). When they extend the leg supports of their sling usuallyride up towards their groin. It also makes positioning them into a wheelchair more difficult than it needs to be.

The new Extensor Glove incorporates a unique “suspension” facility that counterpoises extensor spasm. It is also one of the most supportive slings available anywhere. Its unique design enables the sling to move with the spasm and return to its original position afterwards. Of course you don’t have to suffer spasm to enjoy the comfort provided by the Extensors “suspension”, it is suited to almost all types of disability.

Extensor also incorporates integral slide sheets for easier fitting and enhancedtissue viability properties. To complete the high level of support and comfort provided by this superb sling, Extensor has as adjustable HeadShell fitted as standard.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications