Offcarr Ruotino Enjoy

RUOTINO is a quick and practical solution that safely transforms moving independently into pure fun.  It is lightweight, small, and easy to mount and release.

The mounting clamp is custom or universal.  You can safely travel through rough terrain and cobblestones.

It easily overcomes small slopes and its turning radius is compact, removing issues in confined spaces.  It comes complete with a buzzer, light, battery led lights and thumb throttle.  Available upon request is a throttle grip.

It can be equipped, depending on the model, with a rearview mirror, bike computer, stand and basket.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Speed Range with a Charge Wheel Size Weight (without battery) Brake system Motor Power Lithium Battery
3 Level Selection 50 km 14″ Pneumatic From 9.5 kg Disk Brake 250 W 36 Volt