omi LED

The omiLED Interactive Colour Wash System is ideal for both sensory and educational application. Any environment can be turned into a vibrant and dynamic learning zone with the addition of omiLED colour wash. Light literally floods the walls/ceiling with colour to create a kaleidoscope of subtly morphing hues.

Colours can be matched to moods or set to reinforce a theme, for instance you could be learning about the environment with a range of green hues flooding the walls; having the ability to control the lighting in a learning environment / sensory room means having the ability to control the feel and atmosphere of the space. The system is supplied with either a wall mounted or wireless colour switch controller that students can trigger simply by touching the colour they wish to select.

There is a vast array of preset programmes for users to choose from that make the colours behave in different ways – it is possible to automate the system to pass through the entire colour spectrum.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications