Sunrise Wheelchairs

note: These products only available from Moorings via the Wheelchair Care office in Scotland

Quickie has combined the latest ultra-light, hydroformed aluminium technology, design and engineering to create Xenon the lightest folding wheelchair in the world. At just under 8.4kg* and with an innovative cross brace, Xenon is easy to fold, lift and transport. It’s been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you’d expect from a rigid chair. With high end design and innovative technology, Xenon provides a lightweight energy efficient driving and handling experience.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Easy folding and lightweight lifting.

Weighing just under 6.0kg without its quick release wheels, the ultra-light Xenon has revolutionised wheelchair lifting and transporting.

Dynamic Folding System

Supports easy one hand opening after pressing one lever.

Quickie® Locking System
The innovative and patented Quickie® Locking System makes Xenon easy to handle, provides the smallest possible folding package and can also be used by people without finger function.

Lightweight back angle adjustment
Xenon offers stylish designer backrest solutions integrated into the flow of the frame. 90º fixed and angle adjustable backrests that are easy to adjust from -15º degrees to +18º in 3º increments measured to the frame.