SymmetriSleep Positioning System

Night-time is one of the best times to work with postural management, as tone is usually reduced and gravity can be used to an advantage to gently work with correct ‘postural moulding’ and provide passive stretching over a period of time that is usually not possible during the day.






  • Thermo-sensitive and pressure reducing foam padding.
  • Chip-foam pillow filling means the pillows can be moulded/reduced/added.
  • Large choice of accessories to suit a wide range of needs.
  • Easy to clean and its one piece overmantle protects the mattress below from spillage.
  • Highly portable.
  • Fire retardant
  • Can be set up as prone, supine or in side lying.
  • Use on a single bed, a cot or in a double bed alongside a parent.
  • Use with profiling beds or with pressure relieving mattresses (passive or active).