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Just a quick reminder about Symmetrikit Family Workshops…….

Over the years we have found that the introduction of Sleep systems is most successful with a planned approach.

We find the best way to plan the approach, to set goals and manage expectations is to fully involve the client and their family in the process and this is why we offer assistance in doing this with our free Families Workshops.

We have been running these short workshops since 1999. If you have not been involved in one, (or it was a long time ago!) this information may help : We recommend a therapist gets between 4 to 6 families who are interested in night time postural care, together as a group, for an informal teaching/planning meeting involving about 2 hours of both theory and practice.

We provide a trained Symmetrikit Sales Manager who the therapist can then contact as required to do either the practical session or both the practical and theory elements; how much is up to you. If you have an experienced user or carer available who is willing to participate, then that will certainly offer reassurance to the families.

The outcome should be a better understanding of the benefits of 24 hour postural care (i.e. why it is worth trying something new?) and an action plan. If trials are to be implemented then review dates should be set.
If you are not currently involved in this programme and would like to know more about the workshops, please contact Fidelis (Ireland) on 028 (048 ROI) 2553 2777 or Tracy (Scotland) 01309 676677, or email

or click on Family Workshops to download resources directly from

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications