Hi-Low (MPS) Seating System

The Special Tomato Small Hi-Low MPS Seating System is uniquely designed with contoured cushions to provide the best, customized positioning for your child within a modular system. The Special Tomato cushion technology is made from a latex free material that is peel and tear resistant. It is also impermeable to fluids, which makes keeping it clean simple and easy!

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch® cushion technology is formulated to be cool to the touch and does not stick to your child’s skin. The inner foam is designed to support your child, while conforming to their body to provide hours of comfortable sitting. The Special Tomato Small Hi-Low MPS Seating System includes the Hip-Flex® feature found on all MPS models that allows a 30 degree range of pelvic tilt. By finding the best position for your child’s pelvis, upright sitting becomes more functional and comfortable.

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