Special Tomato Jogger


The Special Tomato® Jogger provides the comfort and positioning needed for you and your child to enjoy the outdoors.

Its lightweight frame, three large pneumatic tyres and manoeuvrable design make it suitable for everyday use around town, on long walks in the city or country, or even if you want to go jogging. And of course, it folds down to fit easily in your car. From a practical point of view, its canopy protects from sun or rain, and its washable upholstery is reversible, so that the canvas side can be used in the summer and the fleece side in the winter. It combines all these features you would expect from a jogger with positioning for your child, including a 5 point harness. And for kids who need a little more positioning, the Size 1 and 2 Soft-Touch™ Liners and Soft-Touch™ Sitters can be inserted into the Special Tomato® Jogger and an optional head support attached.

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