What’s the difference between a sitter and an MPS?

The MPS (Multi Positioning Seat) is for children who require more support when seating. Lateral support and an abductor are included. The cushions are adjustable in height on the rigid seat shell and an extended seat cushion is available as your child grows. The MPS can be used attached to a chair, on the mobile base, with the push chair or as a car seat. The Special Tomato Sitter is a seat for children who need less support when sitting. The seat is one piece and offers less adjustment. The Sitter can be attached to a chair or used on the tilt or mobile tilt wedge base. It can also fit into some strollers for extra support.

What’s the difference between the EIO and the Jogger?

The EIO Push Chair is made to look like a juvenile stroller, but with the features of a special needs stroller. The EIO has 4 wheels, while the Jogger has 3. The Jogger is designed for more rough terrain. It can be used while parents are jogging or while riding along rougher terrain. Both strollers offer superior support while your child is riding along.
How can I get a demo?
Please contact sales@mooringsmediquip.com.

What is the difference between a Sitter and a Tumble Forms Feeder Seat?
Special Tomato Sitters Tumble Forms Feeder Seats Therapeutic Implication
Harness Style 5-point – with Padded Fabric Cushioning 4-Point 5 point harness provides a crotch strap that helps position the hips in the seat.
New Classic Color and Design YES NO Equipment looks less therapeutic and complements one’s home decor.
Anti Thrust Seat Surface All Sizes Only Small and Medium Sizes Helps keep the hips positioned back in the seat and often improves sitting posture.
Lateral Head and Trunk Support YES – Contoured YES Supports the natural curvature of the trunk and spine.
Abductor YES YES Promotes leg separation and neutral hip alignment.
Attachment Straps YES NO Attach Sitters to standard chairs at a restaurant, school, relative’s, etc.
Tilt Base YES YES Allows tilt positioning up to 25 degrees, thus minimizing the effects of gravity on head and trunk control.
Mobile Base All Sizes Medium, Large and XLarge Sizes Only Facilitates mobility of the lower extremities and makes transporting the system easier.
Mobile Base Offering Tilt YES NO Allows tilt positioning up to 25 degrees, thus minimizing the effects of gravity on head and trunk control.
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years Directly related to the manufacturer’s level of confidence in the durability of the product; the longer warranty the better!
Material Soft, Skin-Like, and Durable Firm and Plastic-Like Sitters are peel and tear resistant and do not crack.
What is the material like? Is it soft and squishy like a tomato? How much support does it offer?

The material on the Special Tomato products is soft-to-the-touch. An outer skin prevents the products from peeling or tearing. This outer skin also does not allow liquids to penetrate and has a built in Antimicrobial protection and is Latex-Free. It is not like a traditional plastic skin. It is smooth and children’s skin does not stick to the seat. The inner portion of the Special Tomato is molded foam that is squeezable. This allows for children to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Different products provide different amounts of support. Please see individual product pages for more information.

What is the warranty?

2-Year Warranty
EIO Push Chair
Jogger Stroller

5-Year Warranty
Height Right Chair
MPS Car Seats
MPS Seat
MPS Mobile Floor Kit
MPS Push Chair Kit
Soft-Touch Liners
Soft-Touch Sitters
Soft-Touch Mobile Tilt Wedge Kit
Soft-Touch Tilt Wedge Kit
Soft-Touch Rolls
Soft-Touch Wedges
Soft-Touch Booster Seat

Does the Height Right come in more than one size?

The Height Right Chair is only available in one size. However, the Height Right Chair can be used for people up to 250 lbs!