5 Winter safety tips for Wheelchair Users

Winter brings cold weather and icy footpaths which can be dangerous for everyone. These circumstances can be unsafe for wheelchair users. You cannot control the weather but you certainly can be prepared for winter. Here are some tips to keep in mind for wheelchair users.

Have a Back-up Source

In winter, you should always leave your home with fully charged wheelchair and mobile phone. Batteries can lose up to 60% of the charge when they are exposed to cold temperature. Therefor, it is recommended to also have a back-up source for emergency power if you have an electric wheelchair.

Try an All Terrain Wheelchair

An all terrain wheelchair enables you to actively participate in all outdoor activities. This off-road style of mobility chair is designed to handle rugged and uneven surfaces that a standard wheel chair could not navigate. Investing in all-terrain wheelchair such as the 4 Power 4 is a good option. Its suitable rubber tires allow them easy grip on snowy foot paths. ‘4 power 4’ All Terrain Wheelchair’s specifications makes it easier to handle the harsh outdoor conditions in winter as well as in any other season.

Stay Warm Outdoors

Having an extra hat, pair of socks and gloves in a place that can be easily reached is wise. Since your head, hands and feet are parts of the body which release heat the quickest, it is recommended to keep these areas extra warm. If you are sitting still in the wheelchair throughout the day it is important to layer up, which will keep you comfortable and warm. If you are going to somewhere outdoors like the park then you could add a blanket to the list as well.

Keep Your Footpaths Ice Free

Most wheelchair users have their own ways to check if their path is safe but if you are not able to do so, you should ask neighbours to do it for you. They can help you by sprinkling salt on the footpath to allow you to exit and enter easily. It is vital for your safety and it will make your mobility easy during the winter period.

Keep extra items on hand

If you are going to be heading out on a wintery day with your wheelchair then pack a few extra items to have with you in case of an emergency. Being prepared is vital whether you are going to the local store or visiting family and friends.  Your list should includes basic necessity items such as water, food, blankets and make sure to have your medication on hand.


Follow these safety tips and your winter will go smoothly and tension free. You should not be hesitant in asking for help from your family, friends or neighbours. There are a lot of people that would be happy to help you out, whenever you want. So be prepared for the winters and enjoy the season.

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