Down Syndrome daughter inspired the design of Special Tomato products

Moorings Mediquip are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for the Special Tomato range of paediatric equipment. Special Tomato’s equipment for children with special needs is adaptive, soft and durable and it has been designed to provide maximum comfort and support for your child.  In this blog, we take a look at the history of Special Tomato to understand how Tim’s Down Syndrome daughter inspired him to design this unique range of products and where the name (Special Tomato) originates from.

In 1976, When Carrie Tim’s daughter was born with Down Syndrome medical help and information was limited for children with Down syndrome.  He was amidst planning a company that designed products for children with special needs. He realised what kind of equipment Carrie needed and turned his vision into reality by forming Tumble Forms.

Tim then created a new Soft-Touch™ material that we see in Special Tomato products today. This latex-free, peel and tear resistant material offers a built in Anti-microbial protection and much more comfort than the Tumble Forms.  It was also important that the products are aesthetically pleasing, with vibrant colours that children, parents and therapists can enjoy.

So where did the name Special Tomato come from?

As Carrie got older, she came to the realisation that she was a slow learner. One day, she was having a hard time doing her school work and told Tim about it. He comforted his daughter by sharing a story when he was out picking tomatoes from his garden.

Tim loved gardening and loved harvesting tomatoes. At harvest time, he noticed there were beefsteak tomatoes on a bush. When he saw the differently shaped tomato it got his attention. It had a large, smooth, bright red enlarged side. It was so unique and looked so appetising that Tim wanted to pick it up and study the bump. At dinner, the beefsteak tomato was just as juicy as the other tomatoes.

So Tim used this example to explain to his daughter that even though she is different like the tomato as a person with Down syndrome, her family and friends loved her even more because she is unique!

All Special Tomato products are soft to touch for comfort but durable enough to endure the stress and damage often caused by regular and prolonged use. This uniquely soft, heavy-duty anti-microbial material has become one of the signatures of this top quality Special Tomato product line.

Full details of the Special Tomato products are available at or by calling the Customer Freephone Number 0800 031 6571.

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