Easystand Glider Review

‘As a young man living with a spinal cord injury but also as a health professional the evidence and lived experience of points to the benefits of regularly standing for bone density, skin integrity, functioning of the organs and blood flow. For a number of years I used a basic standing frame, whilst this was beneficial, it missed out on some core components. I was lucky enough to get a glider standing frame a few years ago. The same benefits of standing apply with a few important additions. Being able to move my legs increases blood flow, stretches out my hips which can become tight from using a wheelchair, however the cardiovascular workout is the main factor. With a spinal cord injury it can be difficult to challenge your cardiovascular system. The challenge to your body to regulate itself as you stand and exercise in the glider is excellent in terms of an audit health benefit. My experience with the glider standing frame has been very positive and I am certainly happy to recommend it for other people living with a spinal cord injury, it’s been so valuable to me.’
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