If you or your team would like the Moorings team to arrange a training session of any product range or therapy related subject please let us know.

We might run this session ourselves using the wealth of experience from within Moorings or we might invite a specialist on the subject. Lots of our suppliers employ a specialist, Doctor or therapists to run these sort of education sessions and we would be glad to host this to spread this knowledge. Right now in early 2021 all of these session are likely to run virtually and as we look to the future we envisage this will continue as it allows lots more people to join in without the need for time-consuming and expensive travel to central venues. Recently we have been running session for therapists across the whole UK and Ireland and even one or two where we joined sessions run for a worldwide audience, we were glad to represent our corner of the globe with good numbers from across UK and Ireland!


Fill in your details below to request a training session for you or your team, just suggest you product range or subject and we will discuss it and get back to you

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