Heelift Glide Suspension Boot


Heelift effectively eliminates pressure from the heel by offloading all pressure from the heel and redistributing the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers. A gentle cradling and cushioning of the lower leg with the heel elevated in protective space reduces the chances for irritation or pressure points. The Heelift Glide has a soft, smooth exterior fabric allows the patient’s leg to “glide” from side to side, thereby preventing it from catching on sheets and blankets. That means: the foot stays in the proper position in the offloading boot; less nursing time is needed to reposition the patient; and heel pressure ulcer prevention is maximized.

Available in standard, petite, and bariatric sizes (sizing chart in gallery).

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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart




heelift glide 4 heelift glide 5 heelift glide 6
Calf Circumference Calf Circumference Calf Circumference
8 inches – 17 inches20 cm – 43 cm 12 inches – 23 inches

30 cm – 58 cm

6 inches – 10 inches

15 cm – 25 cm

Height Range Height Range  Height Range 
60 inches – 77 inches

152 cm – 196 cm

65 inches – 80 inches

165 cm – 203 cm

46 inches – 64 inches

117 cm – 163 cm

Weight Range Weight Range Weight Range
120 lbs. – 250 lbs.

54 kg – 113 kg

220 lbs. – 600 lbs.

100 kg – 271 kg

70 lbs. – 130 lbs.

32 kg – 50 kg


Durable, Yet Soft, Smooth Exterior: Allows the patient’s leg to glide easily across the sheets.


Forefoot Strap: Keeps the heel offloading boot in place and helps support the forefoot.


Friction-Free Tricot Backing: Unlike products with sharp edges, Heelift Glide, like all Heelift offloading boots, is manufactured with a smooth tricot backing that aids in patient mobility and safety.


Tricot Covered Stiffener: Prevents Heelift Glide from buckling.


Ventilation Holes: Provide additional air circulation to promote increased patient comfort and a cooler heel offloading boot. Glide is 40% lighter than pillow-style boots.


“Easy-on, Easy-off” Rounded Straps: Easy to use, the soft straps can be adjusted to accommodate the patient’s specific needs.


Choice of Two Interiors: Heelift Glide is available with a choice of two foam interiors. Smooth foam is available for patients with edematous legs while convoluted foam creates a cooler offloading boot.


Extended forefoot: A longer forefoot area helps protect toes.


Deluxe exterior stitching: Reinforces the structure of the heel offloading boot while making the boot less bulky.


Washable/Autoclavable: Like other Heelift products, Heelift Glide can be washed safely in a net or mesh laundry bag and can be autoclaved for sterility.


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