What Questions to Ask at your Mobility and Wheelchair Assessment

For any individual who may require a wheelchair or other mobility equipment, their assessment is a very important day. It is the day after all that determines which type of assistance would be best suited to their circumstances.

Assessments are often arranged by your doctor, occupational therapist or physiotherapist and should also always include an advisor who specialises in mobility equipment.

In spite of the presence of those professionals, however, it is also important for the individual being assessed to play a part in the success of the assessment by asking the right questions. The following are just a few examples of what might be the right questions to ask at your  assessment.


What Can be Done to Ensure your Wheelchair will be Perfect for your Environment?

The primary environment where you will be using your wheelchair the most is your home or workplace. As such, it is crucial that the mobility equipment your assessment eventually recommends is best suited to that environment.

The chances are, however, that you aren’t aware of all of the possible adjustments that can be made to a wheelchair or features that can be included to make it more suitable for you. Those professionals running the assessment will be, on the other hand, so it’s crucial you ask them questions about specific aspects of your home such as narrow doorways or rough floor surfaces.


How Can your Wheelchair be Best Matched to your Mobility Needs & Goals?

In the same way as it needs to be best suited to your home, your wheelchair also needs to cater for those activities and tasks you wish to be able to undertake in your day-to-day life.

It is hugely beneficial, therefore, to quiz those running your wheelchair assessment as to the kind of wheelchair that is best suited to giving you what you desire. This is, after all, pretty much what the assessment is designed to do in the first place.


How Will you Receive your Chair?

If the information isn’t readily offered by those running your wheelchair assessment, it is also important to ask about how you will ultimately receive any wheelchair that is settled upon after the assessment.

You might wish to consider asking whether an occupational therapist or product advisor will be present when you do receive the chair. This can be crucial as they will be able to make any setup adjustments and to explain specific elements of usage and required maintenance.



Can you Benefit from an NHS Voucher Scheme?

Whilst many types and varieties of wheelchair are available on the NHS, you might well decide that you wish to purchase yours privately. If so, it could be beneficial to ask at your assessment whether there is an NHS voucher scheme you may be eligible for.

Such schemes offer vouchers to the value of the wheelchair you would have been offered on the NHS, for you to set against the price of the chair you ultimately choose to buy privately or in partnership with the NHS from a different supplier.   


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