Moorings Mediquip Seal Two Exciting New Distribution Agreements

Moorings Mediquip are excited to announce that in the past few weeks we have secured distribution agreements with both Baffin Technology Systems and Meyland Smith. Both major companies within the assistive equipment field, the agreements with Baffin and Meyland Smith mean that we are now able to offer a whole host of further products to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities, throughout Ireland.


Baffin Technology Systems

A company with extensive experience of working with disabled children, adults and adults with special needs, Baffin Technology Systems aim to understand and alleviate problems affecting those individuals, their families and professional carers.

According to Baffin, they offer products which ‘eliminate the known disadvantages of the current rehabilitation equipment and provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for complex medical needs’. Those products include the Baffin Trio, Baffin Automatic, Baffin Caretta Buggy and Baffin NeoSIT, all of which we are now able to distribute in Ireland.

The Baffin Trio is a multi-functional standing frame designed to set an individual in to standing, sitting, supine and transitional positions. The Baffin Automatic, meanwhile, is a similar standing frame designed especially for children. Also facilitating easier everyday care for children, the Baffin Caretta Buggy is an adaptable stroller for those children unable to sit or move correctly unaided. The Baffin NeoSIT, finally, is a paediatric orthopaedic seating system designed to offer full body support.


Meyland Smith

Meyland Smith are a long-lived Danish company who were originally founded in Copenhagen back in 1901. Since the early 1970s, the company have specialised in the design and production of walking aids to assist individuals with disabilities of many types.

The company’s most famous and most notable walking aids are their so-called ‘Meywalker’ products, which we are now able to distribute in Ireland. The ‘Meywalker’ walking aids are described by Meyland Smith as aids for ‘wheelchair dependent persons of all ages that require a high degree of aid and support to stand up and walk’.

What’s more, the ‘Meywalker’ range of walking aids are also innovative in that they are spring suspended. That means that springs stimulate the muscles of the user and help promote movements which are part of a natural gait, thus helping to develop a desired gait pattern.


About Austen

My name is Austen Burns, Digital Marketing Consultant at Moorings Mediquip and I will be uploading blogs and news for you to read. I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP). This affects my movement and co-ordination and as a result use a walking frame or mobility scooter to get around. I have a Degree in Computing & a Masters in Marketing, in my spare time I have always been involved in disability sports, competing in both disability swimming and equestrian at international level. My main focus has been on Equestrian where I am currently on the Irish Para dressage team. Despite having had success internationally I am yet to make a Paralympic team and with Tokyo 2020 coming closer it would be a dream to make this happen. As a consultant for Moorings Mediquip I hope to write fresh online content, information and debate within the disability and health fields, as well as work on many new digital marketing initiatives throughout 2017.